How to Survive Restaurant Week: 5 Ways Your iPad Point of Sale System Can Help You

Restaurant week is approaching really fast! You have nothing to worry about because we are going to show you how your iPad Point of Sale system can help you make the most out of the week!

From July 24 to August 18, all restaurants can expect an increased number of customers. The restaurant week is coming and you need to be prepared and ready to satisfy your current, loyal, and your new customers. The flood of new customers gives you a chance to present an innovative, refreshed menu, improve your sale, and transform your new customers into regulars.

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We know that this is a lot of pressure. So, in order to be competitive and provide the best customer experience your new customers will never forget, you need an iPad Point of Sale system.

If you already have an iPad POS system, that is great, as this system can help you a lot during Restaurant Week. Here are 5 ways the iPad Point of Sale system can help you:

  • Offer Flexible Menus Restaurant week is all about promoting a new menu. The iPad POS system can help you with this. You can set up the new menu by using modifiers and combos. You can also simplify the process with the omni-channel solution that will keep your menu updated and synced across self-serve kiosks, mobile ordering interfaces, and traditional register ordering.
  • New Stock Out In order to run a lean restaurant operation you need to properly manage your inventory. Managing inventory can help you understand what products you may need to buy more of and it will also reduce waste.
  • Organized Back of House As essential as it is for your consumers to order of a beautiful and clear menu, don’t short your staff with unclear ticketing. With the iPad POS system, you can sync the front of your restaurant with the kitchen which will result in faster and more efficient service.
  • Increase the Table Turns During restaurant week, tracking table turns is essential to seat customers efficiently and organizing wait times. By digitally recreating the table layout, you will be able to increase your traffic, as well as, the table turns.
  • Turns Customers into Regulars With CRM tools you can capture your customer’s information and preferences and you can also build a relationship with your guests.

Are you ready now for Restaurant Week? Good luck!

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