What is Better for Restaurant POS: iPad or Android Tablets

Read this article and discover what is a better option for Restaurant POS (Point of Sale) system: iPad or Android tablets!

As you can notice, more and more restaurants are choosing tablet-based Point of Sale systems as they know that these systems offer a lot of advantages such as mobility, cost savings, remote access to data, and much more.

When restaurant owners decide to choose a tablet POS solution for their business, they usually find a sea of iPad-based software solutions because of Apple’s favor among its users. However, the Android tablets are suitable for restaurants as well. They are flexible and durable and offer great features.

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So, what is better for your restaurant POS: an iPad or an Android tablet?

Here is a comparison between iPad POS system and Android POS system:

  • A Highly Customizable Experience As a mobile OS, Android is known for being open, easy-to-use, and flexible. It allows developers to have more control over the apps and the software. Apple’s closed structure imposes limitations not only on how and when an application makes it into the official App store but also on the flexibility of the developer when customizing the experience within that app. This means that Android POS systems can offer a better customer experience specifically tailored to the restaurant environment.
  • Speedy Software Updates Both Apple and Android offer regular updates. The difference between iOS and Android here is that iOS applications need to go through an approval and review process every time a software or an app update gets published to the store.
  • Flexibility in Hardware Form Factors Even though Apple offers amazing hardware that users usually favor, there are very specific form factors available: 5” for iPad Touch and 8-12” for iPads. Meanwhile, there are various manufacturers of Android device models. The models come in small factors from 5” smartphones and scales to larger form factors of 22”.
  • Durable and Affordable Hardware The Android device manufacturers specialize in creating restaurant POS software solutions. These phones and tablets are significantly more affordable than the Apple devices. Android hardware is more reliable and sometimes designed specifically to handle the extreme daily usage. It will cost you less to replace an Android tablet than Apple tablet.

Based on this comparison, you will be able to decide which option suits you the most – iPad or Android tablet!

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